Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Friday (Photo Edition)

I had every intention of documenting our whole day with pictures. And then I forgot to take pictures.

Well, I eventually remembered, but you'll have to settle for a couple of online jpegs for our morning errands.

Our first stop was to Wal-Mart. Kristen ran in and got some stuff and looked for some replacement bulbs for the tail light on our jeep. (Which I haven't installed yet.)

After Wal-Mart, I visited the fine folks at the Tyler Municipal Court. It seems that they wanted some money from me. Apparently, when I met that nice motorcycle policeman a couple of weeks ago, I incurred some sort of "fine." However, I have to say that the cashiers were really friendly. Seriously...having worked in local government, I know that rudeness is sometimes the M.O. at offices like that, but I was reallly impressed with the lady who helped me.

(I'd like to make a little aside here about how weird downtown Tyler is, but I can quite put my finger on it. It's know...weird.)

After the ticket errand, we drove back into town to eat some lunch. We all went to "Mercado's" for some Tex-Mex. I was impressed because the kids actually ate! (They normally don't eat very much.) We split a sampler meal and got out of there for under $20. That Kristen Wright knows how to manage money, kids.

While driving around, we noticed that gas had dropped a bit. So we got some. I was especially glad that we were getting gas in that particular part of town because I had recently noticed a station that had a very weird sign. I'm not sure what that white line is, but does that look like gas is $13 a gallon to you, too? 'Cause it looks that way to me. And that's I why I took a picture.

Then we headed back downtown to check out the Tyler Library. It was a strange experience. First of all, the librarians were very nice and helpful. And it's a good thing...because we couldn't check out any books. As it turns out, since we live in Flint (which is outside of Tyler city limits, we aren't allowed to check out books. It's a tax issue. I blame Obama.)

However, you can pay for a 'punch' card which allows you to check out books. (And if you get a tenth punch, you get a free Atomic Sub. Wait..that's not right...) So we went ahead and rented some books from the city of Tyler. I was interested in trying to finish up the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan, but the selection was hit-and-miss, so I got a giant book by Terry Goodkind. We'll see.

On the way home, Finley napped while Kristen and Jonah read books and I drove home. I stopped by the convenience store to pick up some M&Ms for our movie night.

Once home, Jonah played, Finley watched Charlie Brown and Kristen played on Facebook.

We made quesadillas for supper, bathed the kids and then settled in for a very special TV night. Tonight, Cartoon Network premiered two brand new series ("Secret Saturdays" and "Clone Wars," both of which Jonah has been anticipating for weeks!)

We made popcorn w/ M&M's and watched Cartoon Network. We put the kids to bed not long after the shows were over. I exercised, Kristen read, I blogged while watching 'Blades of Glory' and then went to bed!