Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's 11:50pm.
I need to go to bed.
I have things to do tomorrow.
And yet, I sit here thinking....
Should I watch "The Bank Job"?
This is one of many things wrong with me.

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Robert Conn said...

Easiest poll ever...

MWS writes songs.
SCC writes MUSIC.

Artie said...

You know.. MWS never really clicked with me..I know I showed up to the game late but he always kinda personified a cheezy aloof feeling.. hard to put my finger on but his music never touched my heart. I'm sure it's me and not him. He has no doubt done many good things and touched many people for Christ but I just never got it... about the time I became a follower of Christ "Speechless" came out and I was blown away by it. Has to be one of the best CCM CD's I've ever heard. SCC is my man hands down.