Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Friday

Finley woke up a bit before 7, so I got up with her. We lounged around the living room for a bit. Somehow, she found a bag of Cheetoh's and began her 'breakfast' without me knowing.

Once I got the Cheetoh's away from her, she wanted to go out into the backyard to see our cat, whom she ABSOLUTELY LOVES! Except I keep forgetting we have a new security system that Kristen sets to "stay" during the night...which means that the second a door is opened the entire house explodes w/ sirens.

I get the sirens turned off and Finley played outside for a bit. She eventually came in and we had some breakfast, watched know, LAZINESS. Kristen and Jonah slept pretty late, but once the A/C man called to schedule a repair on our non-functioning air conditioner, we all got up and ready for some cool air!

We hung out while the dude fixed the A/C. (Very nice guy...Bullard Air Conditioning is the way to go, gang.) After that was done, the kids and I headed into town. Kristen had lunch with her friend Marla, so we went to the bookstore to buy some books! Finley got a Mickey Mouse book, Jonah got Spongebob (of course,) I got 2 books (N.T. Wright and Ted Dekker,) and I picked up a new Bible for Kristen. After the bookstore, we stopped by Target for some groceries/supplies then headed home.

We had lunch, then I put Finley down for a nap. Kristen got home around 2:30 or 3 and I hit the treadmill. (Had a great run...probably the most fun run I've had to date!) I grabbed a shower and we lounged around a bit more. Pretty soon, we made some dinner plans with the Strader's. Let me tell you something - those are fun people to hang out with.

After dinner, we all came back to the Wright house so the kids could play. Ross and I had been toying with the idea of seeing "Eagle Eye," so we got online, bought tickets and caught the 9:55 show. I won't do a whole review of the movie, but it was a fun ride. Utterly ridiculous storyline, but some great action and humor...and some cool story-pacing and camera work, too.

Got home around 1am, wrote this blog and went to bed!



Julie said...

Quality Air Conditioning is who you should have called! My son in law would have been nice too.

Julie said...
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