Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Friday

Somehow Jonah ended up in our bed again during the early morning hours. I tried to continue sleeping alongside both he and Kristen, but after his flailing arms rapped me in the beezer a few times, I got up and headed for the couch. (We bought this great couch when we moved to this house, and I love it sleeping on it.)

Jonah woke me up about 6:45 and asked me to turn on the TV. I happily obliged. He found an episode of "Grossology," one of his favorite shows and I continued to snooze. Krist came in the living room for a bit, which was a surprise. I figured she would dash straight back to bed, but we laid around on the couch for bit.

After a while, we both went back and laid down on the bed. I thought I might get a few more Z's, but my mom called. She got back into town on Thursday night and had finally heard the new CD. She called to tell me congrats and to say she was coming to get a box of CDs to sell at work. I grabbed a box and headed toward the living room. On the way, I heard Finley getting up, so I went and got her and her ever-important cup. (Parents of toddlers know the value of the morning cup.)

My mom came by, hugged the kids, got the CDs and headed off to peddle CDs. (Let's hope she sells a bunch!) I changed a diaper, got some breakfast for Jonah and woke Kristen up around 8am.

We all ate breakfast and started getting ready. We took Kristen to work around 10:30. While she worked, the kids and I ran few errands and did some birthday shopping for Kristen's party tomorrow. We picked her up about 12 and then headed to the eye doctor for an appointment for Jonah. Finley cruised the mall for a LONG time while Krist and Jonah were in the doctor's office. After a very long visit, we found out Jonah doesn't need glasses. Krist and Jonah ate some lunch while Finley and I stared at them.

We got home around 2:30, put Finley down for a nap and I got ready to go into work. Got to work a little before 4 and started setting up cameras and audio for a Bible Study taping on Saturday.

Finished at 5 and headed to Wal Mart for some DV tapes and other things, then by Hollywood video to try to locate a movie for a clip we're using on Sunday morning. Ran out of time and had to be at the church for Upward Basketball Pictures. Got there just in time to take Finley off Kristen's hands. Jonah was in there for about 40 seconds.

We all got in the car and drove around debating where to eat. We opted on getting some McDs for me and Jonah and Krist just said she'd eat at home.

Met David Runnels - he had located the aforementioned movie. Got the movie and headed home. Ate, bathed the kids and put them in bed.

Debated whether or not to walk/run on the treadmill or sleep. I chose sleep.