Thursday, December 21, 2006

For the past few years around Christmas, I always get "encouraged" about my use of Christmas music in congregational worship. Namely..."Uh, you're gonna' do some carols, right?"

Last year, in a four week period, we did 10 Christmas songs. It was mix of carols, Andrew Peterson stuff and a couple of things I had written. Well, this year, I got the talk again..."Think we might do more carols?"

So, I've stayed away from performance pieces and tried to play carols. (Which, as Forrest so aptly put it, "ain't written for guitar!")

Here's my question...with regard to church, how early do you want to sing carols in church? The Sunday before Christmas? Two weeks worth? A month? More?

Love to know what you think, gang.


blake stewart said...


Michael said...

It's not that I don't like Christmas carols, I just don't like the way the church gets around Christmas time. It's like the only reason they want it is because it's Christmasy. Ever notice how things tend to get a lot more structured around Christmas time? People really turn in to Nazis. Oh, and watch out if you take a service and do all the hymns in a contemporary manner! I think people are just missing the boat. Who cares if you do all original Christmas songs or all "carols." It shouldn't matter but of course that will never happen. So, that's my soapbox moment. And yes, "I Hate the Church" is my sibling in case people were wondering. Oh, Todd, I'll be going to Grace Community Church in Tyler. Why don't you work there? Just a thought!

Todd Wright said...

I almost did. They wanted somebody with a stupid degree.

I hate college.

Jinx said...

It's not that I don't like Christmas carols, I just don't like Christmas carols. Just a little too jolly for me.

But if I'm having to make people happy about it, I say 2 weeks worth is plenty.

And I hate college too...but only because it took away my innocence.

FiremanDave said...

Oh why not start the carols in late October or early November when the stores start stocking Christmas items. Just kidding. Hope everythings going ok!

Chris said...

Is it wrong that I think everyone should just shut up and let you do your job? I like Christmas carols, I like original tunes, which Christmas carols were at one time, I like "moderned up" Christmas carols. But I think it is your call and all the "moaners" should just let you do what you feel is best for each particular service. "shut up" not really keeping with the "Christmas Spirit"?

jeffandemily said...

So, I LOVE Christmas carols - really, not being sarcastic or anything. But, I would say that modern-ed up is cool and two weeks of mostly carols is good, maybe a carol or two before that just for good measure. The great thing about our church is that if someone really wants more caroll-y music than that, they can go to another service ... and I am not saying that like "get lost", just that we have choices!

DaddyBert said...

The ole' traditionalist... ya' start the Sunday after Thanksgiving and go to New Years. Regular or Moderned doesn't matter as long as you honor the King.