Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Spent all day long in the editing room. Isn't it odd that ministry can sometimes take things that you love doing and then make you sick of them? Just me? Okay, then.
Since I didn't have time for a real post today, I just thought of a few random things I wanted to throw out there:
1. I think I'm going to start occasionally posting blogs with a "devil's advocate" feel. Essentially, I'll post some position that's completely opposite of what I actually believe. Might be fun to see what happens. The trick will be finding something that's just believe enough to fool all of you into revealing your utter stupidity in the light of my amazing genius!
2. I don't know if any of you have tried to sing along with a Chris Tomlin song lately, but that dude ain't writing congregational worship songs. Unless you attend a church of a bunch of guys and girls that sing Tenor 1. They're good tunes, just so stinkin' high.
3. I think my wife is awesome. Actually, I know she's awesome.
4. I play with 2 fantastic bands - the TWB and the Worship Band at my church. These guys never miss, gang. They are On every single time we play.
5. Krist and I went on a date tonight where I had steak that was WAY too rare. Like, blood, dude.
6.What the heck does "Fall Finale" mean? Is LOST about to go off for another month-and-a-half?
7. Faith Hill is totally kidding.
8. I'm sad Kinky didn't win.
9. Worshipnotes will come back. I promise.
That's all for me. Thanks for reading!


Jinx said...

Yes, according to some dude that was on Conan last night...I think it was Conan....some dude that's on LOST said they're off til January or February. I don't watch LOST, so don't ask me.

I voted for Kinky 4 times, that's all I could get away with.

Susie Moore said...

Im sad Kinky didnt win as well...

Blake Stewart said...

Dude you didn't know they're taking a 13 week hiatus after this episode? Yeah, it's going to be so sick thought that the wait will hopefully be worth it.

Yeah, JJ Abrams is back and he's being a fag, so he is making Lost take a break so Daybreak can gain some glory...

And I too love Kinky, but we all knew he had no shot...

Todd Wright said...

daybreak looks good, though