Thursday, October 05, 2006


I'm with Blake on the first few minutes - stellar beginning. On the whole, a pretty subdued episode. (I wasn't expecting any big revelations, though. Come on, it's LOST, people.)

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Unlike Blake, I DON'T think Henry knew about the plane beforehand. Yes, he flew into action and handled it, but he looked pretty bewildered.

2. I think it's interesting that Jack is so sequestered from Sawyer and Kate. Either that means Jack is somehow more important or key than J and K ...or...they're going to do the same thing with each of them.

3. The Others have to have governmental ties. I think that's why they took blood samples. If that's true, they have to have governmental ties to be able to find out all that from a dude's blood. I am not of the opinion that the Others orchestrated the whole crash and which passengers were on the plane.

4. We didn't see if Sawyer's blood had been taken...odd.

5. That dude, Carl, is in on it.


Blake Stewart said...

I re-watched it and agree that he didn't expect it.

I don't think they have governmental ties, and I don't think they had very much info in those files. If you remember most of the things she said were vague and could relate to anyone. I think she just uses certain questions which make Jack believe she knows about him, and eventually he just gives himself in. Like at the end when he asked about his ex, all she did wa said she was happy.

I'm not convinced...

But I do still think that Ben and Juliet hate each other. There is something more to their story and hopefully we'll see it run out in the long run. And I also hold to my prediction that she'll turn against Ben and the others.