Monday, October 16, 2006

Life With This Guy

Thursday afternoon, I called Forrest to see where we were on the 2nd verse of "A Memory's Enough." I ask him what he was doing and he tells me he's in Lufkin. So we made plans to hang out Thursday night after my kids went to bed.
I had forgotten what hanging out with this guy was like.
We're at IHOP, we order our stuff, our waitress leaves the table and I hear Forrest say,
"Oh, no."

"What is it?" I asked.

"She gave me the second look and the smile."
Folks, Forrest has Kavorka. (Seinfeld reference.) Essentially, Kavorka means that women are supernaturally drawn to this dude. Even the most mundane replies from Forrest end up sounding like some sort of hyper-cool flirtatious brillance. The sad thing is that, most of the time, he can't help it. You can't stop Kavorka.
Sunday morning, Jinx bailed on me AGAIN for worship, so I was in a bind. Of course, I called Forrest. Sadly, he had to ditch the invitation at Harmony Hill, but come on - if you had a choice of playing with Joel or with Todd, you'd ditch HHBC invitation, too, right?

After playing the set, I realized that Belmont has turned this guy into a music machine. Ideas are pouring out of him so fast that it's hard to comprehend. It's funny, because on stage, the stuff Forrest is doing sounds completely off-the-cuff, like he's just guessing his way through the song. But after just a few minutes of talking music with him, you realize that the musical genius that he was born with has been shaped and formed to it's full potential. I had a blast playing with him and I'm darn proud to call him my friend.


Jinx said...

Aren't you glad I "bailed on you again"....

Robert said...

Do you think Forrest is busy Friday night?

Danielle said...

Forrest is amazing! He plays beautifully. I miss him.