Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Somebody gives you $100 bucks and four hours to spend it...

Where do you go and what do you buy?


Robert said...

Initially I would...

Panera Bread (lunch)
>Bacon Turkey Bravo = $8
Barnes & Noble
>Vanilla Latte = $4
>New Book = $17
Best Buy
>iTunes Gift Card = $15
>CDs = $40
Outback Steakhouse (dinner)
>Outback Special = $16

Upon reflection and conviction I would go downtown, find a homeless guy, treat him to a hot dog and a new shirt, probably buy him some cigarettes and bus ticket to go see his kid who lives in Houston.

Todd Wright said...

how pastoral...

Jinx said...

Let's see...

I leave my house, stop at the gas station and fill up the gas tank...($30, 10 minutes);
Drive to Tyler...(35 minutes);
Eat at Shogun's...($30, 60 minutes, spill teriyaki sauce on my shirt);
Drive to Wal-Mart, browse a little while, buy t-shirt to replace my teriyaki stained shirt for the rest of the night...($10, 20 minutes);
Drive to Click's, 1 hour of pool, 2 adult beverages...($20, 60 minutes);
Drive to Starbucks, venti size mocha latte & muffin, lounge for a few minutes...($7, 15 minutes);
Leave Tyler heading back home, quick stop at gas station for a bottle of water and Eclipse chewing gum, arrive back home...($3, 40 minutes)

I know, I know...I didn't have to use the entire 4 hours, but what fun would that be?

Rachel said...

I would buy 2 new pairs of shoes. It would probably only take me 10 minutes.

brittany said...

I would buy my book for Data Analysis...and instead of taking a homeless guy out for a hot dog, I'd been upset that I still had 8 more books to buy for this next semester...