Thursday, May 25, 2006

LOST viewers only:

1. First things first - in "Reckoning," the hour long recap show before the finale, they essentially took us through the whole thing. However, I'm wondering if anybody caught this: when they were playing the scene when the Others took the kids from Ana Lucia's group, there was an obvious shot of one of the Others grabbing a dummy. It was supposed to look like a man, but I don't think Abram's and crew would let something like that slip through the editing process.

2. I have a friend who said the whispering voices were saying "Elizabeth."

3. Which is creepier: The foot statue? The giant bird? How freaky things got when Desmond turned the key?

4. Desmond tells Jack we're trapped in a "snow globe." Then the Portuguese guys monitoring the electromagnetism are in a snowstorm. What the heck is that?

5. Why isn't Charlie telling Claire what happened in the hatch? Doesn't remember?

6. The thing that's killing me is this: Why Jack, Sawyer, Kate and (maybe) Hurley?

7. Anybody think Henry Gale's the boss of this thing now?

Please respond all LOST watchers!


Blake Stewart said...

Alright. I'm not going to try to respond to this on here. I'll either post it on my site or talk to you in person...


Chris said...

holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i thought 24 was exhausting.