Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of "trend" lately, though not so much the merchants of cool idea but rather the idea of local trend with respect to spiritual matters.

Is it enough to have a thing that everybody comes to? This resonates on many levels. We spend time and often money doing everything we can to make sure that our churches are filled with people - that we become the "it" place to be. It's an honest thing - we believe we're worshipping at a good place. (If we didn't think as such, we would attend there, right?)

I keep thinking about all the guys slaving away at little churches where nobody goes. I'm thinking about the guy who plays an acoustic guitar without a pickup or the Sunday school teacher who reads their lesson out of a book. I think we're conditioned to cast folks like that in a negative light -

But we've got to give credit where it's due. We've got to acknowledge all those folks who've given faithfully of their time and talent (maybe) in places that aren't cool. Heck, maybe there's a problem if people aren't coming to a service, but I just think we've got to be prepared to sing the songs of the unsung as well as the, well, uh...sung.

Ah... that feels better.


Robert said...

Better still... the guy who can only hum the song and the teacher who derives the lesson from the Bible.

I wish for 1 year ALL church programing, ALL church conferences, ALL church simulcasts, and ALL church literature could be banned. Then at the end of the year come together and see what each church is doing. I think we'd be surprised at how creative the little people are when they quit trying to be like the "big guys".

Leave us alone big guys... You're getting in the way of our ministry.

Justin said...