Friday, June 10, 2011


MONDAY, 6/6/11
Took the family to the gym and did battle with the treadmill. Did two fast miles...well, fast for me...and hit the weights for just a little bit. I got a little ambitious the last time I lifted, so for this one, I kept it pretty sane. Just maintenance today. No more trying to prove you're the toughest guy in the room. (Fat chance!)

TUESDAY, 6/7/11
We went to the gym, but didn't exercise. We went SWIMMING! Not really much exercise if you don't count throwing your children around a swimming pool for an hour, but it was exhausting!


Back to the gym
. Had to run on of the weird treadmills, which I normally don't like. Until I saw they have a dedicated monitor screen that shows your pace/per mile based on the speed setting you've selected. That was very discouraging...I thought I was really flying until I saw "You are running a 14-minute mile." Dang...had to crank that speed!

THURSDAY, 6/9/11
Didn't necessarily want to run since I knew we had a gym appointment for Friday. Instead, got out for a walk. It was hot, but walked for about half-an-hour around the neighborhood. I also faced my fears and stepped on the scale Thursday night. Whew. That'll inspire you to put down the cookies, won't it?

FRIDAY, 6/10/11
What a morning! Went to the gym, worked out, then stayed at the gym to go swimming! Had the brilliant idea of using my new favorite treadmill to dial up the 10 minute mile setting and putting in a couple of miles.

Why do I do stupid things like that?

Actually, I'm glad I did it. I'd much rather start at a crawl and work up, but after the first mile, I was even knocking the speed up a bit to see how it felt. Did a little over two miles in 20 minutes, a few weights, then played in the pool with the kids for an hour.