Monday, June 13, 2011

Morning Music Prayer: Monday, 6/13/11

A friend recently asked me if I would start posting the lyrics of our Sunday sets at Bethel. He mentioned he'd like to have those lyrics during the week to use as his prayers as he gets ready for work.

Worship leaders talk all the time about how we're putting "prayers into the mouths" of our people, so I thought this was a great idea. Since we do five songs at Bethel each Sunday, I figured I could post one each morning! Let's see how it goes!

Never Stop Singing
written by Todd Wright

One thing we know about the love that freed us
It was nothing of our own doing, but the grace of Jesus!
Any good You see is the work of His hands!
Those changed by His grace sing out 'cause they understand

He alone is our righteousness
He alone is the way
Let it be known that we'll never stop singing
that Jesus Saves

Brand new hearts, brand new lives
Because of Jesus we're seeing things
With brand new eyes
So we sing a little louder and we lift our hands
He's poured out favor and forgiveness
So we give Him all the praise that we can!

We were strangers and enemies separated
But now we're reconciled
Free from blemish and accusations
By the work of Christ!