Friday, May 27, 2011


SATURDAY, 5/21/11
This run would have been fine.

If a dog hadn't tried to eat my leg off.

TUESDAY, 5/24/11
We had every intention of scheduling some gym time this week, but alas, our days have not worked out. Feeling that I better get out there and exercise before I give it up altogether, I drove over to the ROC around lunch time to work out.

Bad idea.

Do you know how hot it is at lunch time in East Texas? Well, I don't. Or at least I forgot.

I did a mile of walking for warm up and then did 2 miles running. Did another mile of walking for a cool down. Felt pretty good, but good grief did the heat take it out of me! Had my first "heat headache" of the year. Tried to combat it with an Ooey Gooey Concrete from Andy's.

THURSDAY, 5/26/11
Nice, cool weather. Drove to the ROC. (And yes, I do sing Aaron/Jeffrey's "I Go To The Rock" every time I exercise at that particular park.) Decided before I left the house that I would do 2 miles walk resting...just running.

Did a little warm-up and then kicked it off. I ran the flat portion of the trail and did 5 laps around in 21 minutes. That last lap wasn't too funny, but I kept thinking about how great I'd feel for doing a run with no breaks!

FRIDAY, 5/27/11
Did another 20 minute run in the neighborhood late Friday night. Muggy, but dang, felt great when I finished!