Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 Facebook Frustrations

I doubt I'll quit Facebook any time soon. It is all the stuff it claims to be - it's a great way to find friends and it allows you to stay connected with family. It gives organizations the ability to stay up-to-date on what it's members are thinking/feeling about issues of the day. And it seems to be perfect for spreading the ToddVlog worldwide.

A little humility goes a long way, right?

But Facebook can also be terribly frustrating. Everybody's got their own list of stuff that bugs them about Facebook. So here's mine.

  • POLITICS. I like politics. I like discussing pertinent political issues with people who are smarter than me. But I don't think there's anything more frustrating than some dude who has dedicated his entire wall to post non-stop partisan politics. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think all Democrats are evil. I don't think Republicans are God's chosen party. And as intriguing as all the other "third parties" are (and they are), if I've added somebody as a friend, I'd like to know stuff about their lives, too. Not just how much they hate the other guy.

  • THREADS. So I see something I like on Facebook. A picture, a comment, something that grabs my interest. So I comment. And I'm done with it. Until someone else comments. The next thing I know, I've got 17 emails sharing the comments of people I don't know. This is actually a good thing, as it allows you to stay up-to-date on a thread without constantly going back to check it, but that off-handed comment about some guys new truck ends up engaging me in a conversation thread about glasspacks and cylinders and insert other truck words I don't know here.

  • INVITES. Hey, person-who-lives-122-miles-from-me, I ain't coming to the Fun Run At The Park in August. Keep it local.

  • SPAM. As funny as it may have been the first time I saw that my grandmother "liked this video of hot girls in a gunfight", the whole viral spam thing is getting old. The next time we get on the giant web of computers that connect everyone and log in to an online community run by a site who already has shady privacy views, let's maybe not click that thing we think nobody will see.

  • REPLY ALL. I blame Facebook for this one. You get a message that's sent out to a dozen or so and you click the reply button there at the bottom of your text window, only to now send your response to everyone in the message. Oh, there's a "replay all" up at the top of the text editor, but it's not the intuitive place is it? Why, Facebook? WHY?
I love it when you guys comment. What frustrates you about FB?


Mike Burns said...

For the "Reply All" issue, if you open the message, in the upper right there's an "actions" button. On there, you can click "leave conversation". It's a pain that it requires your action to take care of it, but I've happily used it many times to spare myself strings of email.