Friday, April 08, 2011


SATURDAY, 4/2/11
Running on Saturday is a love/hate thing. In reality, it's really the best time to exercise. Sunday is crazy and busy and stressful and always unpredictable and putting in some cardio is always a good way to get your system prepped for work!

On the other hand, it's Saturday. A day that's either filled with errands and yard work and other hard stuff...OR...a day you've lounged around watching cartoons and eating M&Ms.

So, in full love/hate mode, I went out Saturday night for another 30 minute Galloway run. I did 3 min / 1 min for the first twenty minutes, but switched to a 2 minute walk break for the back half. The longer walk break gave me a bit of a energy boost to finish it out. Surprisingly, I didn't run the route at a slower pace. I think I was ahead of the pace enough to offset the longer walking, but at 30 minutes, I was at my same spot. Wanted to go another 10 minutes, but since I had three or four things to do before church on Sunday, I figured a normal run would have to do.

MONDAY, 4/4/11
Got out around 9:35, which is later than I usually run, but what else am I gonna' do? Sit around watching TV and eating cereal? Did Galloway again for somehow forgot to start my timer to measure my run. Instead of starting over, I just ran what I guessed to be three minutes worth and then started the timer. Did a total of 38 minutes, which felt pretty good.

Spent Saturday AM at home and got out for a morning run. As you well know, morning running is not my favorite! But I did thirty minutes and was grateful for it. I did that thing again where I move to two minute breaks after the 20 minute mark. Seem to help a little.

FRIDAY, 4/8/11
Did 25 minutes. Running the day after a late rehearsal is stupid.