Friday, March 25, 2011


SATURDAY, 3/19/11
Did Galloway again, but modified it a bit. Did the 3 min/1 min for twenty minutes and then went to a two minute walk break after the 20 minute mark. Of course, that significantly modified the time it took me to do it, but I was okay with that.

Would like to get four runs in this week, but man, it's hard to find the time!

MONDAY, 3/21/11
Thirty-one minutes. Normal Galloway. Felt terrible because I've been eating like an idiot for a few weeks. Need a shot of discipline to get me back on track!

WEDNESDAY, 3/23/11
Had a pretty busy day and most definitely did not want to run when I got home Wednesday night! Fortunately, I had a brand new set of songs in the mp3 player so that got me out and moving. Did 31 minutes of Galloway again and finally did my longest run with that system. I was a little worried about it because early on, I was feeling pretty slow. At 20 minutes, I was kinda' tired of the whole "running" thing, but my walk breaks really started helping.

On the last leg, I realized I had 35 seconds left
. At normal pace, I would have finished right at my previous record length, but I decided to gun it for that last 35 seconds just so I could say it was my longest 31 minute run yet!

FRIDAY, 3/25/11
Woke up at 5:30am to go running.

I know.

Knew I had a busy day and decided some preemptive exercise was just what I needed. The run was going pretty good until 11 minutes in when my phone rang. My wife. At home. Wondering the heck I was at 5:45am.

I talked to her on my walk break and I think I must have slowed way down for that minute or so, because when I started back, I wanted to stop running so bad. Not sure if my legs got too rested or I just figured I needed to get back home. Either way, the last half of the run was pretty hard. Since the phone call through me off my route a bit, I just decided to run around the neighborhood, picking my own route. I went 31 minutes again, but not sure of distance. Early on, it felt like it was going to be be a pretty typical Galloway-level run for me.