Monday, March 07, 2011


There are friends...

and there are movie friends.

Movie friends are those special people with you share some important cinematic bond with. The great thing is that a movie friend doesn't have to be (and may never be) your best friend in the world. In fact, many of us have best friends who are the exact opposite of us when it comes to films.

I'd like to suggest that there are four types of Movie Friends.

Discovering this type of movie friend is one of the great joys of life. This usually happens in a group of people and you say, "Man, I love this little indie film called Rabbits Are Tough On Rockets," and somebody immediately yells, "OHMYGOSH I love Rabbits Are Tough On Rockets. My favorite part is went the nosecone is malfunctioning" and you chime in "With the celery? Ha ha ha ha!"

Mutual appreciation. They like what you like. However, you can't label this one too fast...sometimes a few movies in you realize that your similarities were a fluke and now you're friends with a dude who likes the Saw movies.

This movie friendship is more about shared experiences. You may not even dig all the same movies, but somewhere, you shared an important moment at the movies with this person. This type of relationship tends to form over more disturbing or scary films. You walk out of the theater and look at the person like I'm glad we got through that, dude. (Me and my friend Rob @ Cloverfield. That movie changed us, man.)

This is one of the most unique as it is a relationship that doesn't even have to be engaged in. This is the friend who recommends stuff - not because you both like the same thing - but because that person knows what YOU like.

When somebody says, "Todd, I saw this movie and I thought it was weird, but I bet you'll like it", then the test begins. Do they really know me well enough to recommend something? Or do they think I'm a total freak.

We keeps it real over here at the Todd Blog and we know all about the confidant movie friend. This is that friend who'll keep any secret; like your long running wish for a Twin Peaks remake or the fact that you prefer Dumb & Dumberer over the original. Confidant movie friends don't judge. They listen.

Let's take a little poll? How many of you have a movie friend in EACH one of these categories?


Robert Conn said...

I tend to have few movie friends for some reason. Maybe its because I only see movies with Todd Wright?

Either way, I don't get to the movies with a group of guys too often. For me the true movie friend is the one who will "ooh" and "ahh" with you during the previews and then shut up like a grown man should when the movie starts (minus the periodic "YES!" or "Daaaaaang." Anyone commenting on the movie, listing the actors previous achievements, or sounding like a girl while the movie is showing, is no friend of mine.

P.S. We gonna catch Battle:LA?