Friday, December 24, 2010


SATURDAY, 12/18/10
I knew that the last weekend before Christmas would be pretty wild, so instead of late-night running, I opted for a morning job. (UGGGH.)

Did 25 minutes because I didn't have much time. I realized that my shoes are pretty played out. I've had them since summer and they've been my only running shoes for over 30 weeks and I'm starting to feel the stress of running in shoes that have lost all their support.

Maybe Santa will bring me new shoes for Christmas!

MONDAY, 12/20/10
Spent most of Sunday at Six Flags and thought maybe legs would protest, but it was alright. Did three miles, but didn't look at clock while I did it. I could probably guess pretty close, but why would I tell you that? I'd rather you think I ran three miles in 18 minutes.

TUESDAY, 12/21/10
Got out there again and ran some more. Ran right at 30 minutes, but had miscalculated my route and ended up thinking I had put in more distance than I actually did. Oh well. Thirty minutes is thirty minutes! I drank a ton of water during the day and felt pretty good for most of the time. Need to hydrate better (regardless of running) because it did seem to help out on this particular outing.

THURSDAY, 12/23/10
Why do I try to run in the daytime? I had rehearsal Thursday night so I figured I'd get a quick run in that afternoon. Terrible. No drive. No motivation. No discipline. Forget that. I'm just gonna' eat candy.

FRIDAY, 12/24/10
Two miles. IN THE MORNING! Seriously. You have no idea how pumped I was.