Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ten Things You Should Say To Your Worship Leader (or worship team member)

This post might seem a little weird if you didn't see this. And then this. I could tell you to go read those posts, but you won't. But you should.

Alright, today I'm sharing 10 Things You Should Say To Your Worship Leader. (This also works for any member of the worship team.) While my "things" lists are usually an attempt to be funny, this one is for real. Let's go...

  1. "Thank you for what you do every week."
    This is more than just telling the band that they rock. Saying this to a member of a praise team acknowledges the commitment they've made to be consistent in ministry. It also encourages praise teams because most of them (the good ones, anyway) have a very long view of their job. They tend to be concerned with the church is going over the course of two or three months rather than just whether or not one Sunday worked.

  2. "I know this is a hard job."
    This is a good thing to say to anybody! But it's especially good for praise teams for a couple of reasons. First off, every Sunday, they serve knowing that somebody in the crowd ISN'T going to like something they do. It happens every week. And they do it anyway. Secondly, most praise teams are filled with musical geniuses. The majority of praise team players work very hard and put in lots of time to make sure that their music is a quality experience.

  3. "Here's what I like about worship..."
    Nobody cares about the music more than the worship team. Telling something what you like about worship at your church involves you in their investment. Say this to your worship leader and I'll guarantee he or she will talk your ears off.

  4. "Where can I find some of these songs?"
    Good worship leaders choose songs that best support the teaching of God's Word and that will best benefit and edify the congregation. (Bad worship leaders just pick songs they like or "hits." Stay away from dudes like that.) Inquiring about the songs confirms that they are connecting and working.

  5. "You should have a CD!"
    I don't care how spiritual somebody is...hearing this is always an encouragement. If a team is good, tell them! A worship leader or praise team member may sheepishly say thanks, but I'm telling you, it will warm their hearts.

  6. "Nice ___________."
    Acknowledge something specific. If the piano player did something cool instrumentally before the last song, say it! If you loved watching the drummer's face in the opening song, tell him! Something specific not only encourages, but it reminds the worship team that somebody is always watching and listening to what they're doing. It's a good reminder!

  7. "Yesterday was great!"
    I realize that online compliments via Twitter or Facebook are a bit weird, but if you compliment your worship team on a public forum, they will find it. And love it. I guess you can liken it to bragging on your kids to other parents. (Without all the self-focused praise, perhaps.) If you want to encourage your worship leader or team, let them see that you're willing to tell others.

  8. "What can I get you?"
    I'm being serious here. As the guitarist if he needs some water. See if that vocalist needs a new battery for his or mic. You may think that this is strange since you're not part of the team, but it is a great compliment to see if you can support the musicians in any way. Nine times out of ten, they won't need anything, but it's a great way to model servanthood and support.

  9. "I wish y'all played longer!"
    You can't say this everywhere, since lots of team overplay their welcome, but a good worship team will leave the congregation wanting more, not wishing it was over sooner. Telling them you would like more will make a team feel like a million bucks.

  10. "Did you guys write that song?"
    Probably not. But dang it, when a congregant thinks a team is good enough to write real songs like that, the musicians are going to be on cloud nine!
First of all, you shouldn't say any of this if it isn't sincere. This isn't some list of things you need to say just to pump up your worship leader. But if you feel these sorts of things, say it.

Secondly, some of these may seem weird or selfish, but they're not. I've tried to be as honest as I could and I can tell you that these 10 things would honestly make any worship leader's day.

And thirdly, if you're a member of my church, you don't have to tell me any of these. But you can tell my team. They're great, great people and musicians and encouragement only makes them better and stronger!

Worship leaders...what sort of stuff does your team need to hear?


Liz said...

See #9 in your list. I know I've said it before, but I will say it again & again. ANY Sunday y'all want to go longer, I'm up for it. :)