Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Ways I Want To Be Like Jonah

One of God's great gifts is people. All of us are surrounded with numerous people that live lives worth copying. "The Ways" is an occasional blog wherein I look at people in my life and identify ways that they've inspired me. These are some "the ways" I'd like to be like those people.


  1. He's all in. One thing you'll learn right off the bat is that Jonah W. commits. Once he decides a course of action, he's gonna' give it his all. You won't find many things in Jonah's live that he doesn't feel strongly about. I want to live like that. I want to be completely invested. One day when I'm long gone, I'd like for somebody to be able to say, "Once Todd was in, he gave it everything he had." Too often, I play it too safe. Which doesn't really help anybody.

  2. He's a listener. Don't believe me? Just tell him you're going to pick up batteries on the way home and then forget to show up with them. Or say something quietly to the wife only to hear it repeated back to you a couple of hours later. Jonah listens - he wants to know what's going on. I'm usually too busy trying to plan my next response or do some sort of jedi mind game of what people "really" mean by what they're saying.

  3. He's unafraid in the stuff that matters. It's always baffled me that the kid who's scared of the dark will totally do a cannonball in a pool he's never been in. He won't stand on the hearth and sing for his mom, but he will get up in front of a crowd at school and belt out a tune by Kutless. I love that he lets the joy and potential of big things overpower petty fears. His dad would do well to do the same.

  4. He's completely unconcerned with his own intelligence. Jonah's a very smart kid. He says smart things and makes very wise observations. But he doesn't care. When I have a great idea, I want everybody to know it. I become obsessed with making sure I get the credit for being the smartest guy in the room, at the church, etc. Jonah's content to just be himself; he isn't worried about people thinking he's the best.

  5. He's loyal. If Jonah Wright says he's your friend, you're golden. If this little boy is in your tribe, wild horses couldn't pull him away. I'm fickle and 'blown about by every wind.' My loyalties aren't nearly as strong. It's like loyalty is out of Jonah's control. It just happens. For me, it's often more like a strength that I apply to stuff only when I feel like it.
Jonah got lots of good stuff from his mom and me. But there are so many obvious unique gifts that are the obviously the work of God alone. I'm inspired by his giftings and thankful that God not only gifted my son but also uses those gifts to convict me.

What about you? Jump on your blog or Facebook and write about "the ways" you want to be like somebody...then ask others to do the same!


Liz said...

Todd, I love this! Have you shown it to Jonah? So sweet!