Wednesday, May 19, 2010


WEDNESDAY, 5/12/10
New "week," new regime. New tears of heartache. Still dealing with the leg pain. Did a good bit of stretches and set out for my workout. Lately, I've had to really watch out for my right ankle. If I'm not careful, I feel like I'm about to sprain it or "roll" it. I think this due in part to the fact that I'm still at that phase of running where I'm not comfortable enough to run lightly. I'm essentially clomping down the trail and I'm putting weird pressure on my ankle. Today started off with a five minute jog, but about three minutes in, the ankle acted up again. I stopped running and walked a bit more. I "walked it off" and then started the run over.

The good news is that these longer five minute run breaks didn't feel nearly as terrible as I thought they would. It was hot, but 2/3 of the run went off pretty well. My last five-minute run just crumbled, though. What keeps happening is that by the last push, my legs are starting to get still and don't seem to move like I'm wanting them to. In my mind, it usually feels like things would improve if I would stop and stretch for a bit, but I'm trying to stay consistent with the running schedule as it promises to increase endurance. I wrapped up with some extra walking and stretches and tried to remind myself of all the reasons I'm doing this - it's not just to run a race on a certain day. I have to get free from some of the pressure that the calendar keeps throwing at me. For the first time, the three days for this week's training are all different. Friday's run will have longer runs and fewer breaks.

FRIDAY, 5/14/10
I did it! For the first time since starting, I did the designated run exactly as prescribed! Today's run was a 8-min. run, 5-min. walk, 8-min. run. I didn't feel that temptation to give up until about three minutes into the last part. But I finished! You wanna' know how? What motivated me to run that last part?

This blog.

Seriously...I ran that last section thinking, "Won't it be great to tell everybody I finished!" It wasn't easy, but I felt so victorious. The next run is supposed to be a straight up 20 minute run, but I'm not totally sure I'll do that. I may run this 8-5-8 thing again to keep the endurance/interval stuff.

SATURDAY, 5/17/10
Figured since my Sunday was gonna' be nutty, I'd get a Saturday run in. Didn't really do one of the designated runs...just did some more interval training, short runs, short walks to build some more stamina. The real reason for running was trying out my new shoes. No, I never could find the blue Dual Fusions and I didn't want to order online w/o being confident of my size, so I bought a pair of Nike Compete Running Shoes. They felt pretty good out there!