Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good Devastation...

On one level, I understand those that have said "Hope Tiger wins" or "Nice to see them talking about golf for a change!" I understand that with any scandal, the media that brings it to life is the same media that stomps it to death. I understand the desire to get away from the rehashed facts and gossip and speculation.

But I don't know we should be so quick to forget. Here's why...

Imagine that you logged on to Facebook this week and saw a bunch of chatter that the police had been called to my home. Imagine it was my car that was crashed and Kristen was rumored to have attacked me.

Then imagine learning that I had spent the last two years moving from woman-to-woman in a fit of unfaithfulness like you had never seen before.

What would my friends do?
How would my church respond?
What would my family say?

When I put Tiger's situation in my world, I see even more clearly how devastating his choices have been. We're all glad the media is toning down, but would you be quick to forget me after a couple of months if I had slept with five or six different women while away on work trips?

It would be devastating, right? The effects of those decisions would wreak physical and emotional and spiritual havoc for years among those that knew me and supported me.

Mainstream media isn't taking a spiritual look at Tiger's scandal, but I think Christians should. Men of faith, I think this story should rock us. It should terrify us and force us to be more prayerful and more watchful and more careful with our hearts and our passions.

Tiger's year has been devastating for many people, most of whom we don't even know. But I'm grateful that God would convict me because of Tiger's story. I'm glad that the Spirit would call me toward purity. I'm blessed by this devastation, because I see it for all its ugliness and it grips me.

You and I aren't that different from Tiger Woods, you know. We all are prone to think only of ourselves and to make choices that are deadly. Tiger needs the Father. And so do I.


ross said...

great post!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thank you for writing this post. I think so many Christian, men AND women, think they would be immune to such temptations. Not so and I know full well the ramifications of this sin in the lives of friends and family I love the most. It causes true and total devastation. It is rare when a marriage can survive such a thing. I cannot imagine having to go through such a thing, in front of the media and the world. That saddens me for this family. Tiger, his wife, their friends and family need time to heal and not in front of the world. However, because it is in front of the world, maybe Tiger will have to accept some accountability from friends and family, so that he may not do it again.
It is sin of pure selfishness, as you stated. I think that is what many people don't realize. Tiger said it himself, he did not think of anyone but himself.
I thank you for this post and I pray the Christian men who read your blog will take your words to heart.

Liz said...

Bravo!!! Very well written, Todd!