Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ah, the Idealism of Youth...

I don't remember how it happened exactly; I was driving a few days ago and somehow happened upon an old memory. And not just any old memory, but rather some odd, unrealistic expectation of my teenage mind. Maybe it was the idea that I'd be rich by the time I was 30. (Didn't happen.) Or that I'd be able to play hockey without any training or practice whatsoever. (Also with the not happening.)

But that memory led to others and soon I was remembering quite a few ridiculous illusions I nursed as a young man:

  • If I can just make enough money to buy clothes from GAP, I'll finally be cool in everyone's eyes.

  • Somehow, someway, I'll be a guest on a late-night talk show. Back then, it was Arsenio. Please don't say "who's Arsenio?"

  • I will eventually meet many of my idols. And we will be friends.

  • The woman of my dreams will be discovered in some far away place. I'll be backpacking through Europe or writing a novel in California and I'll see her across the room and we'll fall instantly in love. More specifically, this girl would probably be Alyssa Milano.

  • I'll be involved in some sort of real-life spy adventure.

  • I will be a huge star in Christian music. Yes, it's true. I never dreamed of rock stardom, but rather the oh-so-glamorous life of a CCM superstar. If any actual CCM stars read this blog, they'd probably be laughing right about now.
You know the drill...what were some of your foolish dreams as a kid?


Liz said...

Hmm...I think mine had something to do with marrying Kirk Cameron (in the Growing Pains days...pre Ray Comfort/Way of the Master) and having a million babies.