Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I've known Kristen a long time. In fact, our fathers played music together for many years when we were kids. Kristen's little brother and I were in a horrible garage band in high school.

Our town was big enough to ensure some privacy, but small enough to make sure everybody had their "label." All I knew of Kristen was that she was dating a guy and it was very serious. That was fine by me...I was busy trying to become a rock star.

When I got the call to play a gig at Kristen's church, I didn't think anything of it. One more chance to play my sad, minor-chord, introspective, challenge-the-mundane epic ballads!

And then I saw her...

And I couldn't believe it. She was more than beautiful. I didn't have a word for her. She was absolutely the most unattainable, perfect girl I had ever seen in my life. And I knew I'd never have her. She was dating a guy...she was gorgeous and smart and funny and had her life together.

But it didn't matter...

The church asked me to stay on as an acoustic guitar player for the worship team. So I did. And I took every opportunity to talk to her. I still didn't know about the guy, but I figured he might actually be out of the picture.

And then we went out. We sat at this little Mexican food restaurant and talked until they closed. And I was done.

Some say "smitten" or "in love." Yeah, it was that. That and more.

I get to share another birthday with her today. And I can't imagine life without her.

Happy Birthday, Krist. This life has turned out better, more wonderful and more joyous that I could have dreamed.


Shelly Conn said...

Sweet. Happy Birthday!! I did sing to her on the phone this morning!! A beautiful song I might add!!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

That is just about the best thing written by a man, about his wife, EVER!! Almost felt like reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. Very sweet!