Saturday, August 08, 2009


  • Heard Mandisa's new single on the radio this morning. That girl is the jam.

  • Saw G.I. Joe on Friday night. It was really, really good. I'm not kidding. I think it works for a lot of audiences, but folks who grew up in G.I. Joe culture are going to LOVE it.

  • Best part of helping a friend move = free donuts.

  • Life group kicks back off tomorrow night. I'm excited to dig into Secondhand Jesus by Glen Packiam.

  • Caught the leaked Iron Man 2 trailer. Jonah didn't want to watch it - too grainy for him - but the movie looks good. One comment said that it looks like Favreau is keeping the tone but expanding the mythology. Pretty cool.

  • Finley is now demanding that I talk like either Goofy or Max (Goofy's son.) Non-stop. It's getting on my nerves.
  • I had Braum's today. The one on 110 isn't as strong as the Broadway location, but Braum's is Braum's, right?

  • Caught some cool trailers Friday night. One of the most surprising had to be Old Dogs. I've never been a huge fan of either Robin Williams or John Travolta, but this one hooked me. In fact, I've never seen a crowd laugh at a trailer like the Friday night crowd did for this. It looks hilarious.

  • Rocking a Bob Fitts tune tomorrow. Fitts is the man.


Liz said...

I'm going to get to see Mandisa in Longview in February! Can't wait!! She'll be at the Feminar (ladies' conference)!!