Sunday, December 07, 2008

Through some random blog about the internet, (go figure) I found out about Shaquille O'Neal's Twitter feed.

Apparently, creating fake Twitter accounts and web pages for celebrities is a big deal. I did not know this. Awhile back, somebody set up a fake Shaq twitter page and started posting.

Well, the Man of Steel was none too happy about that! So, he opened an Official Shaquille O'Neal Twitter account.

Here are a few posts that I've found memorable:
"At the barber shop, gotta b sexy for the game tomorro. Us supermodels always have to stay fine, lol" (Nov. 19, 3:12pm)

"I'm watchn my 8 yr old son play, i'm jealous hes a better free throw shoota" (Nov. 21, 8:21pm)

"Im fellin good anova shaq quote Seekin input from strangers, may help u make better decisions
" (Nov. 29, 11:41pm)

"Dat was so so heres a good shaq quote An unchecked ego will sooner or later b bad 4 business" (Nov. 29, 11:42pm)

Not only is he funny and self-deprecating, but those quotes are actually pretty good. If you're on Twitter, follow Shaq.
I think you'll be glad you did.