Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Friday

Woke up around 7. Thankfully, my wife made me go to be early the night before, so I felt pretty good getting up.

Finley was up, too, but Jonah was still sleeping away in his room. We all started rushing around like crazy because we were heading to Lufkin for some early "trick-or-treating" with our families. (The last time we went to Lufkin, we ended up leaving WAY later than we had planned, which no doubt frustrated all those anxious grandparents back home who were dying to see their grandchildren.)

We also were FREEZING, so we fired up the heat in the house. (First time to do's like the official start of Christmas, isn't it?)

We all got ready and headed to Lufkin by 8:50. We got on the phone to make sure all our various family folks knew we were headed to town. We got to "Sugar's" house by 10:30 and had some of her delicious fudge! Her house was decorated for fall, candles are lit and the fudge was still warm. What a welcome!

I headed to lunch around noon to meet up with some of my Lufkin buds. Since moving, I hadn't seen Chris, David or Clay. We had a great time - spent about two hours just laughing and catching up on what's been happening.

After lunch, came home. The kids played outside, watched cartoons, and Kristen and I just lounged around with them. I took a 20 minute nap (my favorite kind!) and then got up so we could start getting kids ready to go trick-or-treating. Yes...we did the Halloween thing a week early. More on that at a later time!

The kids had a blast - their costumes looked great and our families had loads of candy for them. We ended the night at my grandparents. We scheduled that later so that we'd have more time to hang out. In fact, since we bathed the kids before leaving that evening, we threw them in the PJs so they'd both go to sleep on the way home! We got back to Sugar's around 9. Both kids were asleep. I edited some video while Kristen and her mom talked for about an hour or so.

Just before going to bed, Kristen got sick. Like, you know...sick. But ever since her whole gallbladder incident she's turned out to be a real trooper when it comes to sickness. She stayed a little while composing herself before bed. Once she was resting, I took a shower. All in all, all were in bed and accounted for by midnight.

It was a fantastic day!