Wednesday, October 01, 2008

An Inside Look...

You all know how much I love doing the Worship Confessionals. Back when Los started that movement, the highlight of my Monday was surfing around to hear what songs/videos/scriptures/services other worship leaders had used on Sunday.

Not many of those folks still do confessionals, but I still enjoy it. And I got an extra cool surprise this week when Romack and Chris both posted video confessionals about their respective Sundays.

Let me tell you why I love the concept of worship confessionals (and specifically video confessionals.) It'scool to hear what my pals did in their church. But personally, I think the concept of 'confessing' in this way is an amazing peek into a huge part of a worship leaders life: analysis.

I believe most folks don't realize how much time worship leaders spend recapping, reviewing and repairing a given Sunday's service. It's a critical part of the job and if a worship leader doesn't do it effectively, he or she is in for a lot of stress and trouble.

With confessionals, you get a small glimpse of that process - thinking back through a service objectively and making notes (mental or written) about what worked and what didn't. I know that both of these guys worked really hard to get their cameras, editing software and uploading to work and I'm glad they did. Take a few minutes and see what these guys have to say about worship.