Friday, September 19, 2008

My Friday...

At some point, Jonah ended up in our bed. That's not a rare occurrence, but it's also night an every-night type of thing. Kristen got up with Finley and let Jonah and I sleep in. Eventually, he got up and I was the only one left sleeping.

Finally got up around 7:45 and let Kristen lay down for a bit. I chilled with the kids. Finley watched some "Dora" while Jonah played G.I. Joe's in the playroom. Eventually, Jonah remembered that Krist had found our long lost GameCube memory card and we HAD to play some Marvel Nemesis.

So we did. And the little man seriously destroyed me in the game, which not such a big deal, except he kept talking smack...which I hate. In any game. Not a fan of the smack-talking. So, I put my controller up so he could ostensibly smack-talk the computer generated opponent.

We were pretty lazy around the house. Kristen got ready and headed into town to pick up some stuff for the house, including our new picnic table for the back porch! I played with the kids, made lunch, put Finley down for a nap and played with Jonah some more. When Krist got home, the three of us (me, her, Jonah) unloaded the picnic table and set it up in the backyard. Once that was done, I decided to go for a run outside. It was a hot day, but there was still a nice breeze and the streets were nice and clear. Running outside is always a shock to the system when I've been mostly on the treadmill. The treadmill has its perks - my speed/time stays consistent, whereas outside I'm more prone to slow down or 'hit the wall' in random places. But running outside also seems to work my legs in a totally different way, since I'm dealing with inclines and curves and stuff.

After the run, I grabbed a shower and we all got ready to go to the park. We took the kids to the park in Bullard. They had a good time. While they played, Krist and I discussed dinner plans and then decided to buy Jonah some new shoes in town. We headed into town, perplexed as to where we could eat. (Finding a restaurant on Friday nights is one of my worst things...)

We settled on "Carino's," but the wait was 20 minutes and our kids were starving. So we see this place behind Carino's called "Newk's." We had no idea what to expect, but we went in.

Wow! Newk's is fantastic. It's like a soup/sandwich/salad place. It had a great atmosphere, wasn't too expensive and we got our stuff quick. Plus, it tasted fantastic. While there, we were texting with Ross' crew and decided to hang out for some after-dinner ice cream. The kids played, we chatted w/ Ross and Leslie and then came home.

The kids fell asleep pretty quick - we got in pretty late. Krist and I went to bed not long after. For Saturday the plan is mowing, changing a tire, buying shoes and maybe another run.