Sunday, September 21, 2008

Help Me, Blogfreaks...You're My Only Hope

Dear ToddBloggers,

I am in desperate need.

You see, I would like for my wife to buy me a black Flip Video. Preferably in October as it is the month of my birthday and therefore I deserve muchos presentos, no?

If you would do me the honor of "encouraging" my wife with a nice, polite, pleasant email, it would mean all the world to me. Now, emailing my wife is a tricky thing, so I'd like to offer a few suggestions that will make your message catch her eye.

#1. Use one (or all) of these words in the subject line of your email message: "Bono," "Hugh Jackman," or "Clive Owen." Trust me. She will open that email.

#2. Extol her a bit, but don't over-flatter. She's a no-nonsense kinda' girl. Something like "Your hair looked terrific yesterday" or "I wish we hung out more because you so funny and me and my friends can't stop talking about you" would probably be just the right amount of praise.

#3. Work the family angle. DO NOT mention vlogging, blogging, confessionals, or church videos as reasons for purchasingthe Flip Video. Stick to "capturing wonderful family memories" or "he'll be sure and use this to video you opening that huge, yet-to-be purchased jewelry for Christmas." It's all marketing, gang.

Thank you for your help. I know the influx of emails will move her to action. Her email address is If you're so inclined, you might also ask her to start blogging again.

And for those of you who are my REAL friends and who care about me more than life itself, you can just go here and buy it for me yourself.

Grace, Peace, Justice, Love, Faith and Power,
Todd Wright