Thursday, December 28, 2006


If all goes as planned, the next couple of days should find me tracking a "rough demo" to send to Ross. This will be all the potential songs for the record (and even some unfinished ideas) that I'll have Ross listen through and make notes.

Then, sometime in January, Ross and I will sit down and talk about the songs, what they need, etc. We'll decided what we want, then I'll come home and do the clicks myself. (Well, using Romack's gear. And Romack will engineer them, too. And email them to Ross.)

Once that's done, tracking will tenatively begin in February, which seems awfully close. I had thought about creating an additional blog for the whole CD adventure, but since this blog is about the way I'm spending my days, you'll just get occassional ramblings from time-to-time. (I predict many of them will be along the lines of "I suck at vocals" or "Why can't I play with a click-track?" or "My songs are crap." Just be ready.)

If you're interested in praying for me, I appreciate it. Here are a couple of specific things I'm looking out for:
1. BALANCE - My hope is to create a record that is designed for congregational worship. That being said, I think it's very hard for worship records to remain "congregational" without becoming boring. Pray for a double shot of creativity and consideration.

2. MONEY - As it stands, we're still short the big chunk of cash for the record, which may mean slowing things down toward the end, but I confident that this is the time to do this record. Please understand that I say the following with as much humility as I can muster - I do think this record will change a lot of things for me and my family. I'm not sure what, but over the past few months, I've felt such a strong confirmation from the Lord about this particular ministry path. I'm not asking you to pray for money, guys; I'm asking you to pray that I'll be patient and content if the rest of the money doesn't show up. My zeal about this new phase of my ministry can easily get the better of me.

3. EFFICIENCY - Pray that tracking, mixing, mastering, art, duplication, etc. will happen efficiently and as stress-free as possible.

4. THE TWB - This is an honest request, although it might seem a bit silly. Pray for the guys that I normally travel with. They will not be tracking on this record and I know it's going to be a tough thing for each of them. I appreciate their support and patience, but I also know it's going to be hard knowing that I'm off recording while they're at home practicing the very same songs for the next gig. I love these guys immensely, and I believe that God has great things planned for each of them. Hopefully, I'll get to continue to share the road with them as God blesses their music, both individually as well as the work they give on my behalf.

My hope is that the rough demo will be ready to mail out on Saturday. (If you're reading this,'s coming, I promise!)

Later, gang...thanks for reading.


rk said...

I am reading. And I’m excited. I’ll be praying, man. This record is going to be great.

Robert said...

When do you want me to record my cowbell?

Standard band joke I know. Deduct whatever cool points are necessary... but it had to be said?

Paul James said...

what about the guys that rarely travel with you? Gosh, where are the gigs Todd?

I'll just have to start playin' with Bleecker i guess...

Do we get free CD's?