Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Day

Wake up and hang out w/ kids. Look at Kristen and say, "Can I lay back down for a few minutes?" My wonderful wife then gave me thirty more minutes of sleep.

Get up, bathe, iron clothes, watch kids, kiss family, head to church.

Get to church...Saldana was already there setting up! Our piano player was out, so Jinx had to take the riff on "Angels We Have Heard On High." It was quite tasty. Worked on the set for close to an hour, then headed back home to get Jonah for Sunday School.

Spent an hour setting up cameras, printing tech sheets, talking over tech cues. Met w/ team at 10:25, prayed, then hit the stage with:
Stir Up A Hunger
Angels We Have Heard On High
Rejoice (chorus only)
Promised One
The band did great, although our crowd was a little rough, but I had fun! Our second istallment of The Gift went really well, too.

Had lunch at my parent's house. Great time eating, playing with the kids and spending a couple of hours not worrying about anything!

Played gamecube w/ Jonah, hung out w/ my wife, got dressed for OSM.


Sat on the couch thinking...why am I so tired on Sunday nights? Anybody relate?

It was a great day, though...would have liked more time with the family, but I'll work on that tomorrow!


Jinx said...

It's not 10:00 can you post that? Last time I checked, you weren't one of those crackhead, palm reading, psychic type folks...

Anonymous said...

Totally relate. Last week was the last Crosspoint (evening college service) until mid-January. Three services, two rehearsals, and one set change every Sunday. The life of a worship leader. As my pastor says often "Sundays come with amazing regularity." Sundays can be a grind but hey that's why we get to goof off the rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Ryan's talking about. He's not THAT busy on Sundays.

jeffandemily said...

"our crowd was a little rough"???? As part of the "crowd", I gotta know what you are saying....

Todd Wright said...

crowd didn't seem as "engaged" in worship as usual...folks seemed a bit sleepy, and our numbers were low, which almost always contributes to a more mellow response from the people...

not YOUR row, though...

DaddyBert said...

Sundays are the days in ministry when you give it all... physically, emotionally, & spiritually. When I was pastoring at Melrose, I couldn't figure out why I could take a long afternoon nap and still go right to sleep at night. Then I came up with the above conclusion and have understood it completely.