Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm currently sitting in the video editing room of our church...a place I've grown to hate over the past few weeks.

I'm trying to finish up our "Christmas Eve Special" for broadcast on KTRE on Christmas Eve. It has been a tedious job and I am ready to be done. Once said video is completed there very well may be happy dance of some sort.

I hope everyone has learned their lesson with regard to commenting on my blog. I don't think you want more Winterband, do you? (The funniest part of that particular punishment is that I have yet to watch one of those videos in its entirety...and yet, many of you have.)

Because I'm feeling generous, I will not request comments on this particular post, although you are welcome to do so.

Note: I'm looking for a slamming female to sing BGV's for during STORM weekend..if you know a girl who can sing worship and sing it well...tell her to contact me.


Robert said...

That Nancy Winter is one of the best I've seen around.

Anonymous said...

No, you're mistaken. He should go for the younger Winter girl. She had some slammin' harmonies!

Chris said...

mcelveen. my standard answer for all questions regarding personnel issues and instrumentation.