Sunday, October 22, 2006

Colmesniel Set

No One Like You
Jinx kicked us off. Good thing his amp can be turned up to 747-jet engine level. (We didn't have to mic him.) After the fact, I realized that we had been playing G-Em-D-C in the riff sections when it should have been G-D-Em-C. My apologies to the people of Colmesniel. The tune went good. I felt pretty good about my electric playing, although I'm not giving up the acoustic by any means.

Every Move I Make
Does this song ever NOT work? It might crash and burn in Dallas or something, but it was like "Where The Streets Have No Name" to the Colmesnielians...I dropped out quite a bit which left Romack and Chris to get the funk thing happening as the rhythm section.

Great song. I'm sick of it, but it's still a great song. I don't think it went over as well as with other crowds, but it went okay. For some reason, first verse is still too small, even with me playing electric. I will give props to Chris for having the bass line down.

Everything To God
Quickly becoming the TWB crowd always feels a little short to me, so we fell back into another couple of choruses just to keep the energy up.

Everlasting God
Yes, it's the new "Holy Is The Lord," but for right now, it's a stinking cool song. It's too low in A, but I had to do it to work with the set. I was especially proud of the arrangement we ended up with...much bigger start with no acoustic until the pre-chorus. I don't think the crowd enjoyed it half as much as the band, but who cares about them.

I told a story about Jonah and the gas station. (I'll share later.) It ended up being a solid lead in to the next song, which was neat.

I Am Glad
I know the song is simple, and it reality, not the best melody for me personally, but the crowd came alive on this one. The youth pastor had been pretty honest with us that many of the kids in his group didn't really have much home life to speak hope was the song would speak to God's provision and sufficiency. I think the song did that.

When all was said and done, we had two professions of faith which was so encouraging to the band and I. Clay did a wonderful job in his sermon and we were honored to be a part of a very big night in the life of this little church.


Blake Stewart said...

A few things:

1. " was like "Where The Streets Have No Name" to the Colmesnielians."

- that's one of the funniest things I've heard in a while, and yes that would not go over well i D-town.

2. Everlasting God will never be the next Holy is the Lord, but it is alright I guess.

3. Todd Wright on the electric... I need pictures.

4. Heros comes on in mere minutes and it should be amazing.

5. Lost is still a better show... (didn't think I could leave that out eh?)