Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I heard this today...

"My calling for this church and for Jesus is a beautiful yard."


Chris said...


Was this the yard man for the church or was he/she "honoring God" by mowing their own lawn?

I've nearly lost a couple of kids in my yard when I didn't mow it, but I never even considered that it "honored God" by keeping it at a respectable level. I thought the point of mowing my yard was to 1)keep my wife from complaining about it, and 2) eliminate the need for buying some goats, not necessarily in that order.

My neighbor across the street(he's retired) has come across and bushhogged the easement under the powerlines in front of my house a few times when it got out of control. I've never heard him say it "honored God" though. I think either he was just bored and needed something to do, felt sorry for me and my lack of time, or was embarrassed by my lack of "yard" attention. Maybe all three........but to "honor God"?

Todd Wright said...

They were talking about their ministry to the church.

Jinx said...

I'm really more confused by all that mess that Chris said than the original post.