Saturday, February 11, 2006


Finley spent most of the day out of the incubator and is maintaining her temperature, which is good. We'll be in the hospital at least until Monday, but we have no idea of when we'll get out. I know a lot of you are praying, and I appreciate it so much.

Specifically, we're praying that Finley's temperature will regulate. Her doctor wants her to maintain her temp for 48 hours before he'll release her. In addition, we're praying for wisdom regarding what's going with her stomach. I apologize if this grosses anybody out, we're still trying to find out why she's passing blood in her diapers. Pray that Dr. Fidone and the others helping us will operate with a sound balance of wisdom and aggresiveness to find the problem and fix it.

Pray for Kristen, Jonah and me, as well as our families here in Lufkin. Everybody has turned their lives upside down to make sure that Finley is cared for through all of this, but we're all running extremely low on sleep. Pray that the Father will strengthen and empower us to face this part of our journey.

Couple of other thing completely unrelated...

If you get a chance, check out the brand new recording coming out from Sanctus Real. Believe me, I'm not the guy to get nuts over some Christian rock band, but the new record is stellar. Strong songwriting, vocals and melodies.

On March 3-4th, I'll be in Tyler leading worship for Longview's First UMC. I'm really excited. This is the first gig I've had in awhile and I'm so eager to do a good job. I'm taking Romack, Ryan Finnerud and Paul James on bass. I've never played with Paul but I'm looking forward to it.

I'll try to keep everbody posted on Finley Grace - thanks for praying, guys.