Sunday, July 24, 2005

Today's Set
Great Is Your Love (King)
Rejoice (Foote)
Sing to the King (Foote)
Glorify (Wright)
Beauty of the Lord (Anderson)

Good service today. Had lighting problems AGAIN. I'm supposed to talk to Glenn Arnold this week about taking on the role of "floor director," so maybe that will help things out.

It was a weird day. It was one of those times where the band hit all the changes, the mix was good and everything went according to plan...but it just felt boring. Truthfully, I think we're finally getting to a level as a band where we're able to navigate our way through the set without any breaks or mistakes. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, so I guess it was just one of those times where we could pretty much do it in our sleep. It was weird. I didn't get the "charge" that I normally get from a bang-up set.

I did learn one really cool technique for transitioning between songs. If you're a worship leader, put this one in your book and give it a try...

We went from "Rejoice," which is in E, to "Sing to the King" which is in F. One the last beat of "Rejoice," I had Mark go to straight kick drum (U2-ish.) These two songs in particular are similiar in meter, so it worked well. As Mark played the kick, the E chord decayed and I quoted Psalm 47:1 and encouraged the poeple to clap their hands. After the old chord was good and gone, I started playing the intro to "Sing to the King" in F. Half-way through the 1st verse, Mark went to toms and we added bass. At chorus 1, the whole band came in.

So, if you're trying to meld two songs that just will not work in a chord transition, use the drums! Thank goodness for the old kick drum!

We also taped our service off the house mix (aux 6.) We tried it to tape, which, of course, wasn't ideal, but we'll be able to hook up the CD recorder next week. Primarily, we're trying to get Mike's sermons on disc, but if we can also start archiving band stuff....even better!


Jonathan Martin said...

If you are going to appoint yourself as blog critic, you probably should not have one of your own.

Jonathan Martin said...

By the way, I like the new song.